African wax print fabric, alternatively referred to as Ankara and Kitenge fabric is simply a colorful fabric material loved and adorned by people of diverse culture and races. Owing to its widespread use in Africa and other parts of the world, Africa wax print is made of 100% cotton, and it is commonly used in the production of clothing, bags, accessories, and a host of other products.

African Print Red peplum blazer jacket. African print wrap Jacket with long sleeves  

African print blue handbag and Matching African Print necklace- Kejeo Designs

Have you ever heard or read that African wax print fabric originated from Indonesia? Did you know that the first sets of this clothing materials were produced in Indonesia?

After the colonization of Indonesia by the Dutch, their merchants were fortunate to discover the batik fabrics, and they brought back some samples to the Netherlands. Subsequently, the textile manufacturers in Dutch thought of how to produce Ankara fabrics in mass with the help of machines. This led to the production of batik inspired fabric materials at lower prices.

During this time, these batiks inspired fabrics failed to gain much popularity in Indonesia. However, they received a public reception when they were imported into the western part of Africa in the 1880s.

What led to the widespread popularity of this fabric in West Africa?

The West African soldiers are of the habit of purchasing these batik fabrics and bringing them back home whenever they are returning home from war or official assignments. Several manufacturers produced these fabrics across Europe before the production started in British and Dutch. Then, the production later expanded to manufacturing companies in the African continent.

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African Wax Print Fabric: The Hidden Meaning

Ankara or kitenge fabrics are usually attributed to African culture due to two separate reasons. While the first is the tribal pattern, the second is the designs. It is believed that each color and design of African wax print fabric is a perfect reflection of local traditions and symbols. Some of these include marriage, tribe as well as the social status of the wearer. In some cases, African women make use of these fabrics as a nonverbal method of communication.

However, due to their worldwide spread, nowadays most prints are non-tribal patterns and have no associated meaning.

Some example of non-tribal print has been used in designing our Essum African Print Crop top and Maxi Skirt and African print folding fans

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African print blue handbag and Matching African Print necklace- Kejeo Designs


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