When most people see or think about African prints, they usually think of sunshine, heat or warm weather. As summer is slowly going away, it is very easy to get discouraged and think you have to start wearing some dull shades clothing. The cold weather is not a reason to pack away those beautiful prints and patterns.


Nowadays so many brands include bright colors like orange, yellow, bright blue in their fall/winter collections. So, rest assured that you can feel confident wearing some of your favorite African inspired outfits even when its minus (-) 30 degrees outside. Still thinking how?

Here are 4 tips for you:

Tip 1:  Wear African Print Jackets or blazers

You may have thought about integrating African prints blazers, or jackets in your everyday wear to give a twist to your look. It is a fashion trend that is gaining popularity worldwide because of the great designs and styles you can choose from. These tops are not only comfortable, but they also make you look beautiful,  and you will feel good about yourself.

During the cold seasons, you can wear a long sleeve African Print Jacket or an African print blazer over your favorite skirts, leggings, trousers, or denim. This style will be perfect whether you choose to wear a turtle neck sweater, your pair of running shoes or some nice boots.

long sleeve african print jackets for women

Tip 2: Wear African Print Pants

Colorful African Prints pants are great during the cold months. Whether you choose to go for a cargo/jogger pant or a wide leg one, you can surely integrate African print pants in your daily life by wearing them alongside your regular tops or sweaters as they will give your appearance a unique definition.

Tip 3: Get some colorful African inspired accessories to breathe new life into plain outfits.

African inspired accessories are some of the most popular and sought-after accessories in the African fashion industry. They are great to mix up with your plain color outfits. They are also the perfect pieces if you are not interested in creating a personal fashion statement with a full look.

Stepping out for some errands? You can surely grab an African inspired bag as your everyday bag for your personal belongings and it will definitely be a unique touch to your look.


Tip 4: African Print Sweaters and Scarves

You cannot go wrong with African print unisex sweatshirts and scarves. Whether you are a male or female, younger or older, we all wear cozy and comfortable clothing to keep us warm during the cold seasons. So why not rock a unique and bold African print sweatshirt?

African print sweatshirts can be paired with your favorite denim for Men and for ladies, you can also rock them with a skirt, your pair of converses, or winter boots

Is it too cold outside out and you need to protect your neck, head, and ears? Colorful African designs scarves are surely an option that will give you a pop of color. And with the holidays seasons around the corner, these beautiful and unique scarves could be an option if you're thinking about Christmas gifts.

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