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The ultimate holiday gifting guide

The holiday season is almost upon us and with that comes the gifting time. Although it is considered the most beautiful time of the year, many are experiencing a real nightmare when it comes to finding the perfect and most suitable gifts. It can be even more challenging to find something very unique If you have friends and families from an African origin, or any loved ones that are into anything Afrocentric. Luckily at KEJEO DESIGNS we have the ultimate holiday gifting guide that will help you choose the most memorable Afrocentric gifts.

African print tops for men

Men always want Tees and there are never enough of them. They come as the perfect gift for the holiday season.

african print short sleeve shirt for men

Choosing a piece such as the ETIENNE African print short sleeve T-Shirt is a choice that combines the elegant with the native. The print is unique and the black color is classic and never goes out of style.

African print Long-sleeved shirt

african print long sleeve shirt for men

In the Miko African Print long sleeve shirt, the combination of unique African print alongside the choice of black color delivers a piece that is quite fabulous and original. The carefully chosen design with the bold and stunning color combination makes it the perfect holiday gift.

African print accessories for women

Afrocentric bags or clutches

african christmas gift.

A woman can never have too many bags, which makes the holiday shopping choice much easier. One bag idea that perfectly combines the trend of the mini and crossbody bag with the vibrancy of the distinct African print is the Coco Mini bag. It is a fashionable and thoughtful choice that will leave your recipient in awe.

African necklaces

african bag and african necklace

Just like with the bags, you can never go wrong with an African inspired jewelry. Our collection of Afrocentric necklaces for women all come in bold and colorful African prints that your loved one can pair up with any existing outfit in her closet. These handmade pieces are great selections and will be highly appreciated by your African gift recipient. 

african beads necklace

Aside from African print necklaces, another great choice of African jewelry is our bead work necklaces such as the Ramatou African Beads Layered Necklace. Available in various colors, this stylish and fashionable piece of art is handmade by the Maasai artisans in Kenya using various colored beads. It makes the perfect addition to any solid color outfit and is surely appropriate as an everyday necklace or for special occasions. Your recipient will definitely receive many compliments whenever she wears this!

African print unisex gifts

African Print Face masks

African print face masks by Kejeo Designs

As cliché as it sounds, face masks have become an irreplaceable piece of our daily functioning due to the Covid 19 pandemic, which makes them a truly appropriate holiday gift. Our set of Multiple African Prints Face masks comes in the perfect holiday and festive spirit that will make the season a bit more enjoyable. 

Colorful African Neck scarf or infinity scarf

african print neck warmer and african print scarfAfrican print neck warmer and african print scark

Infinity scarves such as the Miwa African print unisex scarf  and the Enowa African print unisex scarf have the perfect pop of color and choice that combines the extraordinary African prints and colors into a piece that can be worn on many different occasions.

Let the holiday season begin and enjoy shopping at KEJEO DESIGNS.

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