The micro and the mini handbag trend meets the African print and culture

The micro and the mini handbag trend meets the African print and culture

As the overall trend in the different industries started to shift towards minimalism, the accessories department introduced the small handbags, that we are really small. So small that they could only carry lipstick or few coins. As explained by the fashion minds, carrying a mini bag enables mobility and provides a sense of liberation. When there is less to carry, there is less to worry about. It encourages and supports a minimalist approach and lifestyle, reducing the number of daily essentials you need just to a few. Its efficiency resulted in fashion. 


This trend appeared to be very popular among the celebrities, and it somehow came as expected because they have an entire team standing behind them and taking care of their things. The latest fashion influences put the micro trend with a tone of nostalgic vibe with copying the popular mini bags' aesthetic of the past decades. The vintage styles, with vintage-inspired shapes and materials, are among the most requested ones. The 90s have made a comeback in the form of mini shoulder bags. 


Micro bags are an easy and more affordable way of personalizing an outfit, something that is designed to make a statement. The mini and the micro bags come as a great way to commit to aesthetics. As the fashion market offers so many different types of mini and micro bags, the most popular ones are: The Micro bucket bag, The mini clutch bag, and the tiny tote bag.


As strange as it might sound, although the mini bags could hardly carry a phone or a credit card, they are truly a statement fashion piece and there is no arguing about that. One of the things that are also making an impact concerning the popularity of the mini and micro bags is the African print. 


Lately, with so much accent and focus on the African culture, heritage, and color, we at Kejeo Designs are bringing you the best possible blend of the trendy and heritage – mini and micro bags inspired by the colorful and unique African prints. 


The newest addition to the Kejeo Designs offers comes from the mini and micro bags that captivate with their unique and colorful African print designs. These accessories perfectly show how the modernity of the trends that dominate the worldwide fashion scene can be blended with the traditional and colorful African print. 

If you are willing to inject some bold colors and patterns into your wardrode, then these handbags are the perfect choice for you. What makes them even more extraordinary is the that they can be styled easily and adapted to anyone regardless of the background when a pop of color to outfits are needed, from casual, to formal. 


With a special accent on Black History Month, the importance of appreciation and inclusion of the African culture into all the spheres of life, let the Kejeo Designs mini and micro bags be the fashionable change and impact that can have a big influence. Here is a quick overview of the mini and micro bag newest offer, styles, colors, and patterns. 



1. COCO African Print mini bag



Inspired by the fashion runways, this is the handbag that screams trendiness and culture. The perfect style and design blend the African print with an infusion of fresh and extraordinary shades that deliver a happy feeling. This mini bag will easily become your favorite one.

ANSSA-RONDE African Print Mini bag

ANSSA-RONDE African Print Mini bag

The contemporary and modern design of the mini bag is something that you will not be able to resist. The well-known lower curve that delivers chic and trendiness, is accompanied by bold, strong, and vibrant shades of the Afro culture print. It is an elegant and very desired piece that will look great throughout the entire year. 


3. LORIDE African Print Micro bag

If you are ready to make an impression and flaunt the latest micro bag style, this is the piece that will do that and much more. With fresh and vivid incorporation of colors to the unique African print motifs, this handbag offers lots of different styling options. 



4. EMENA African Print Kettle Style Mini Bag

 EMENA African Print Kettle Style Mini Bag

The kettle design is one of the most fashionable and trendy mini bag designs. It holds features like a bucket bag, but with sharper sides and edges. The small handle makes it suitable for wearing around the wrist or regularly in the hand. And above all, the most dominating is the intense African print that even features tassels. 

If you desire a bit of the colorful and rich African culture and heritage into your fashion accessories, the mini and micro bags from Kejeo Designs are just what you need. 



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